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Tommy Vig, welcome to Hungary!

This was written by Peter Fodor, a newcomer to the Hungarian jazz scene!

I did not even read the notice of the the Godor Club: http://www.godorklub.hu/program/2011/12/4 - Tommy Víg lemezbemutató • ingyenes.
After being exposed to a concert fit for an audience at Dizzy's Coka Cola at Lincoln Center (http://www.jalc.org/dccc/index09.asp) in New York – I started checking out who all were in the stage at Godor Club performing for me and an audience of jazz fanatics.

It turns out that I should not have been surprised a least little bit at the quality of what I heard.
Tommy Vig made it big because he is a master vibraphonist – He performed with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Tony Curtis, Miles Davis-Gil Evans big band, Woody Allen, Diana Ross, and Rod Stewart just to name a few. His wife Mia Kim now I guess Mia Vig was a vocalist who also has similar credentioals!
The amazing part of the night was that the eight locals who were on stage with these two stars were no less impressive Istvan Elek - tenor saxophone, Ferenc Schreck - trombone, Janos Hamori - trumpet, flugelhorn, Balazs Cserta - tarogato, Joe Fritz - clarinet, Istvan Gyarfas - guitar, Sandor Sarkany - double bass, Zoltan Horvath – drums.

There is not enough space for me to honor all the musicians but must mention Joe Fritz whose solos were full of cretive sounds and rhythm that added a great deal to the evenings concert.
The music they played and Mia sang were standards that were as fresh and new as if we had not heard them before “Summertime", "Sing, Sing, Sing" Tommy also put Petofi Sandor on stage by composing music for "Füstbe ment terv" – the vocal was by Mia – a Korean lady singing Hungarian poem – a unique and wonderful experience (I am sure Petofi was smiling in his grave!), "Body and Solita", "Caravan"; they also played music composed by Peto Zsolt for a series of animated films named "Gusztáv"!
The music was sweet and jazzy with all the soul that makes humans live for music (sometimes weep but more often laugh and smile).
Thank you Mia, Thank you Tommy who, together with the eight great musicians made the audience swoon with joy and happiness!
By the way the new CD (Welcome to Hungary!) has all the great music covered by a cover that must have been designed to ensure that no one buy this wonderful CD. Sorry Mr Designer.
Tommy and Mia we want to see a lot more of you and I am sure that the eight musicians will also enjoy gigs with you!


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