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Kikkel beszéltem? – 42. rész: Bobby McFerrin phoner (2004 tavasz)

Keddenként jelentkező sorozatomban azokról a külföldi jazz muzsikusról mesélek megtörtént eseteket, amelyek hozzám kapcsolódnak!


Maloschik Róbert: May I speak to Mr. Bobby McFerrin?

Bobby McFerrin: Speaking.

MR: Hi Bobby. I'm Robert Maloschik the jazz editor of the Hungarian Radio.

BMF: Hi Robert. How ya doin’?

MR: I hope everything's OK with your first visit to Budapest... because we're waiting for you very excited. I mean hardly waiting for these May events.

BMF: Me too as this will be my first visit to Hungary.

MR: I think you heard about the good news that the May 24 evening concert was sold out in two weeks... and yesterday shortly after we announced there will be another concert in the afternoon some 297 people was ordering tickets. There’s a Bobby McFerrin craze here in Budapest since weeks.

BMF: Hm… It sounds good.

MR: Is that a usual thing in your carrier to do two concerts on the same day? And that one of them is totally sold out three month before the concert?

BMF: No, absolutely not. When my manager Linda Goldstein told me that you asked for another concert on the same day I thought this guy is crazy. I never ever do that before.

MR: And now let me introduce to you a young lady who is my assistants in work. Christa is a professional jazz singer, a vocal coach and she will be your MC on both shows.

BMF: Christa I’m happy to get acquainted with you.

Pocsai Krisztina: At first let me ask you about your passion for conducting classical music. How did you get into this business?

BMF: As you know my father was a famous operatic singer and my mother was a pianist. So there were classical music in the air at home. It was a natural step in my carrier.

PK: I think you're one of the most busiest musicians in the world. We heard about it that you just have been recording your next album, a choral one. But how could you work on it when you traveling around the world constantly? And how did your family tolerate this? When did you have a little time to compose pieces? Do you work on airplanes or in hotel rooms?

BMF: It’s too much questions. My family got accustomed to my busy tour schedule. Ha-ha… So we agreed with Linda to get me three months rest at the end of every year. To answer your other question. No I’m not composing music on abroad just at home.

MR: And finally yesterday I received your European tour schedule in May. It’s very tight. And there are some interesting cities in it. I mean Moscow and St.Petersburg. Would it be your first concerts in Russia?

BMF: Yes. It’s the same situation with Russia as with Hungary. I don’t really understand why didn’t you invite me much more earlier.

MR: Thank you for the interview Mr. McFerrin. And don't forget I will wait for your arrival at Budapest Airport on 23rd of May. Bye-bye.

BMF: My pleasure. Bye-bye.



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